Best XML Sitemaps Generators

A Sitemap is a list of pages contained in a website. Search engines use Sitemaps to index websites. XML files are text files with an standard way of storing data using tags.

An XML Sitemap is an XML file that contains the structure of your website in XML Sitemap Protocol, a standard way of defining the structure of websites designed by Google and adopted by most search engines.

XML Sitemap Generators are tools that crawl your website and create an XML file that you can submit to Google, Yahoo, Bing and to other search engines. This XML file will help the search engines to index your website properly.

Find hereafter some of the best XML Sitemaps Generators available on the Internet.


Free online XML Sitemap Generator, able to index a maximum of 500 web pages.

After your site has been completely crawled, you will be able to download the Sitemap file in XML, Text, HTML and ROR formats. You can also receive all the generated sitemaps via email.

If your website contains less than 500 pages, this online sitemap creator is perfect. We like it very much.

There is also a standalone PHP version that runs on your website server and allows to index an unlimited number of web pages. The standalone XML Sitemap is very powerful and its price is quite affordable.

Free Sitemap Generator

Free and powerful online Sitemap Generator, able to crawl an unlimited number of pages per website.

You must create a Free Account and then add your websites. To create your Sitemap, press the "Make Sitemap" button from the Control Panel. You will be able to download the XML Sitemap file as soon as this tool finishes crawling your website.

The free account allows to crawl up to three websites. If you need to generate XML Sitemaps for more than three websites, you must create a Premium Account, which costs a small monthly fee.

Audit My PC Sitemap Generator

Free, fast and easy to use online sitemap creator. This tool crawls your site and creates an XML Sitemap file that you can send directly to google and other popular search engines. The browser you use must support java to work properly. Fortunately, all main browsers support java these days.

This tool has no limits in the number of webpages that can include in the XML Sitemap file, but if your website has thousands of webpages, you must modify your Java Runtime Settings from the Control Panel in order to increase the maximum available memory, as explained in a comment to a user in the home page of this tool.

A1 Sitemap Generator

Powerful and affordable Windows application, able to index up to 25.000 pages per website with the Standard Edition, and an unlimited number of pages per website with the Professional edition.

The application is able to index complete websites, including blogs and forums, and can generate sitemaps in multiple versions: Text, HTML, XML, ROR, RSS,, Google Video, Google Image, Google News and Google mobile.

Many Sitemap Generator tools claim that they are able to crawl an unlimited number of pages within a website. The reality is that crawling a website with more than 100.000 pages is a difficult task for most Sitemap creators.

This Sitemap Generator has succeeded generating XML Sitemaps for websites with more than one million pages. Advice about how to configure the application for analyzing such a big number of pages can be found in their website.